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A Loss Has Occurred

The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home provides compassionate guidance after losing a loved one. Our team will help in planning a personalized service while considering various options for a meaningful farewell.
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Plan For Later

Pre-plan with us at The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home for a personalized memorial that eases the burdens for your loved ones.
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Obituaries at The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home honor lives with compassion and dignity. Explore tributes that celebrate cherished memories.
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View Our Location

Our serene and welcoming funeral home setting provides a comforting environment during difficult times. Visit us to experience our dedicated and compassionate services firsthand.
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The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home: Compassionate Guidance After Death

When you need funeral services and cremation services in Scranton, PA, surrounding areas and the Northeast trust The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home. Located in Scranton, PA, since 1905, we extend our heartfelt compassion to each and every family that entrusts with their loved one’s final wishes. In your moments of grief and loss, our veteran-owned and family-operated funeral home stands as a beacon of support. With unwavering dedication, we provide personalized funeral and cremation services that honor and celebrate the lives of your loved ones. From coordinating multi-state and international escorted transports, arranging drones to capture a different vantage point, or organizing a private service The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home & Cremation Services is devoted to providing excellent standards of care.

The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home & Cremation Services has stayed in the family for four generations, with Edward J. Chomko Sr. and Andrew J. Chomko currently serving as funeral directors. We honorably stand beside you during this challenging time, offering a helping hand, compassionate ear, and a source of strength. Our team helps preserve your loved one’s memory with the utmost care and respect, while providing your family with compassionate support. Contact The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home at (570) 342-3657 to see how we can help you memorialize your loved one.

Honoring Lives with Funerals, Burials, and Cremation Services

Honoring individuality, The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home provides diverse choices to preserve each unique life’s essence. Our traditional funeral services embrace the cherished customs and rituals that provide comfort and solace during times of mourning. These heartfelt ceremonies allow you to bid farewell in a way that resonates deeply with your family’s traditions. For those who seek a more modern approach, our cremation services provide a meaningful alternative. With utmost care and respect, we guide you through the process, ensuring your loved one’s wishes are upheld. From traditional cremations to innovative tributes, we help you craft a dignified farewell that reflects their personality and passions.

Planning the Service: Guiding You Through the Process

When you reach out to The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home, one of our licensed funeral directors will begin by providing you guidance. Our goal is to support you in the process of planning the service for your loved one. We value transparency while informing our clients with all of the options that are available to them. Ed and Andy will help you gather the necessary information, determine the type of service required, and provide you with relevant pricing details.

Our process involves arranging the transfer of your loved one to our funeral home, creating an obituary, and selecting a service. We walk you through the various options, including cremation, traditional funerals, memorials, and more. Our dedicated team will assist you every step of the way to ensure a respectful and meaningful tribute.

Funeral Services:
Explore our traditional funeral services, where we create heartfelt ceremonies to pay tribute to your loved one.

Burial Services:
Discover dignified farewell options with our compassionate burial services at The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home.

Cremation Services:
Learn about our range of cremation choices, providing families with flexible options that honor their loved one’s wishes.

Craft personalized obituaries that encapsulate the essence of your loved one, ensuring their memory lives on.

Memorial Services:
Discover the beauty of memorial services, where we create thoughtful gatherings to celebrate your loved one’s life and share memories.

Honoring Veterans:
As a veteran-owned funeral home, we hold a special commitment to providing dignified services for those who served our country.

Compassionate Grief Support and Resources

Our commitment to you extends beyond the services we provide as our funeral directors understand that grief is a complex and personal journey. The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home offers a range of resources to help you navigate grief. From heartfelt ceremonies to grief services, we are here to provide solace, guidance, and support. Whether you seek answers or a place to find comfort, we can assure you that we will help ease your burden.

The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home Offers Guidance and Support

At The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home, we proudly serve the families of northeastern Pennsylvania with compassion and dignity. While our physical location is in Scranton, PA, we have experience providing support to families from across the United States and around the world. Our caring team is available to assist you with funeral arrangements, guidance, and support, regardless of your location. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance, no matter where you are.

Serving the Families of the Northeast for Over 115 years

Katie B.
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The kindness myself and my family received was above and beyond. From the moment we started working with Andy the levels of compassion were truly overwhelming. You can see the pride Chomko Funeral home has in being a family-owned business, extremely professional, the building is beautiful. They did an amazing job, especially taking well care of our loved one and family at such a difficult time. If you have the pleasure of working with Andy just no, you are in great hands. Highly recommend Chomko Funeral Home.
Jeanette H.
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Over the years I've lost family members and friends, nobody lately, thank God Ed and his family especially his wife and children are very kind they care that someday is where I want to go, and Ed understands you were always a good friend to me, and I appreciate it very much.
Jean P.
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I witnessed a beautiful thing at a private funeral service. Standing at the side of the casket were Edward, Sr. and Andrew folding the flag for the veteran being buried. Father and son, military men themselves, SO respectfully handling the flag. Brought tears to my eyes. I’ve seen it before. The way these men treat family is so respectful and military with honor. The love they have for their fellow veterans shows through. Thanks for allowing me to witness this sweet moment. I would absolutely recommend them for taking care of your loved ones. When you treat your life’s work as a vocation and not “just a job”, compassion is there!
Sean F.
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Extremely professional and compassionate during our most difficult time. Andy was most helpful, not only answering all our questions but really making sure that we understood everything entirely. They undoubtedly made one of the most difficult times in our lives a little bit brighter.
M. S.
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This funeral home was extremely attentive to all my elderly relatives that came in from all over the country during our family's time of mourning. They accommodated all our special requests without question. The facility, parking, and surrounding area was handicap accessible and spotless. I would recommend this funeral home over any that are in the area.
Melissa R.
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The most kind, compassionate and professional funeral home. Cannot recommend Chomko Funeral Home enough. They made an incredible hard situation easier for my family. Highly recommended and the best decision we made.
Raphael L.
Read More
Please read the entire post. When I arrived at their parking lot, I said to my family that we cannot afford the services here. Ed and Andy showed us everything they could do for us. I was so surprised that I was entirely wrong. Not only did we afford it, but they handled everything from start to finish for us. I had never been through this process before, so I was surprised that they handled everything in its entirety, with absolute detail and respect. Thank you so many gentlemen.
E. B.
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Compassionate, and just such genuine, caring responses to every detail of our family’s needs. Ed and his entire team were outstanding, during a very stressful time in our lives.
Glenn C.
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We have had our family member services conducted by this family-owned funeral home. They are the upmost professional people you will meet, and they also care about the families in their time of sorrow.
Glenn C.
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We have had our family member services conducted by this family-owned funeral home. They are the upmost professional people you will meet, and they also care about the families in their time of sorrow.
Laura S.
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The Chomko Family consistently goes above and beyond for our community and is fully supportive during times of need. I highly recommend their services.
Maureen M.
Read More
What a kind and caring family business, at the most difficult time in our life they treated us with kindness, caring and compassion with the utmost respect for our deceased family member.
Jeanine C.
Read More
Very compassionate, loyal and respectful to their clients. Especially our VETS.
Mike M.
Read More
Beautiful property, respectful & compassionate service from the staff. Top notch all around.
Paul W.
Read More
Most caring and professional funeral home in the area.
Alexander C.
Read More
The best hospitality ever.
H. Z.
Read More
Best in the business.
Ken S.
Read More
When my dad passed away last May, the Chomko family were so caring and compassionate. Their professionalism is outstanding, and I am extremely grateful for their service during the most difficult time in my life. I had many compliments from extended family and friends about how well they handled the viewing and funeral. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!
Debbie B.
Read More
They are the best, they helped me bury 2 sons last year, they made everything perfect. Thank you.
Michael L.
Read More
Professionals! Very understanding in your needs...
Stephanie A.
Read More
I just want to take a moment and thank Chomko funeral home. They were priced fairly, and the memorial was beautiful. They did not push a single thing that I didn’t want! Not only were they empathetic, but they also went out of their way to make sure it was perfect. They even helped by calling the flower place to help with arrangements. They even made sure that a reiki master was found for my dad instead of a traditional pastor, even though they didn’t initially know of any, they didn’t stop until they found one. I would highly recommend anyone who asked. Something that was so difficult was a tad “lighter” because they truly cared.
Heather F.
Read More
The most professional, caring and respectful funeral service I have ever dealt with.Something that was so difficult was a tad “lighter” because they truly cared.
Wendy Y.
Read More
Families are respectfully taken care of.
Jeff G.
Read More
Hands down the most professional and by far the BEST in the business!

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