Funeral Services: Honoring Lives with Dignity and Respect

The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home offers compassionate funeral services in Scranton, PA. At The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home, we understand that every life is unique. It deserves a celebration that reflects individuality and honors cherished traditions. Our funeral services provide a thoughtful and compassionate approach to saying goodbye to your loved ones. Contact The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home today at (570) 342-3657 to learn more about our funeral services.

Funeral and Burial Services

Burial & Entombment: A Personalized Remembrance with a Traditional Visitation or Just a Simple Graveside Service

Burial with Viewing & Celebration of Life Service

  • Transportation into our Care
  • Care and Preparation
  • Public or Private Viewing up to 4 Hours
  • Facility and Staff for Funeral Ceremony
  • Transportation to the Church and/or Cemetery
  • Graveside Committal Service

Burial with Celebration of Life Graveside Ceremony

  • Transportation into our Care
  • Care and Dressing
  • Transportation to the Cemetery
  • Graveside Funeral Service

Items to Consider for Burial & Entombment

  • DNA Preservation
  • Finger printing
  • Casket for Remains
  • Outer Burial Container or Vault for Cemetery
  • Flowers, Stationery, Digital/Video Tribute & Keepsakes

Traditional Funerals: Honoring Wishes with a Final Goodbye

Traditional funerals hold a special place in our hearts. They offer a timeless way to pay tribute to those who have passed away. These services are customizable to each family’s preferences. Every detail reflects the personality and spirit of your loved one.

Choose if you would like a viewing and whether it should be public or private. Viewings provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather, share memories, and find solace in each other’s company. For an open casket viewing, embalming becomes a necessary step to ensure. The deceased loved one is treated with the utmost care and respect. These viewings are often held the day prior to the burial, allowing loved ones a chance to pay their respects.

On the day of the burial, our services can be held at the funeral home, a church, or a cemetery. Burials typically take place in the morning hours. The funeral procession, led by our dedicated team, leaves the funeral home, creating a solemn and dignified farewell.

Tailoring Funeral Services to Your Needs

We recognize that each family’s financial circumstances and preferences are unique. Our services are flexible and customizable to accommodate your wishes. Traditional funerals may involve additional elements such as caskets, burial containers, cemetery plots, and more. We work closely with you to ensure that the chosen services align with your budget and desires. The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home provides transparency and understanding every step of the way. Steps for our funeral service:

  • Initial Meeting and Arrangement
  • Preparation of Deceased
  • Viewing and Visitation
  • Funeral Ceremony
  • Graveside Committal
  • Reception
  • Grief Support

Celebrate the legacy of your loved one with
a traditional funeral service.