Final Interment: Honoring Eternal Rest

At Edward J Chomko J. Funeral Home, we understand the profound importance of selecting a final interment option. Ground burial, cremation, or a lasting tribute – each choice carries unique significance and reflects the individuality of your loved one. We honor the opportunity to help you make this significant decision. The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home makes sure to celebrate their memory, bringing comfort, solace, and lasting connection. Our compassionate funeral director guides you through this meaningful process, offering unwavering support and expertise. Contact us to explore these options. Call (570) 342-3657 to create a final interment that beautifully captures the essence of your loved one’s life.

Ground Burial in Lackawanna County, PA and Luzerne County, PA

Ground burial offers a serene and timeless resting place for your loved one. In Lackawanna County, PA and Luzerne County, PA, there are options, including estate lots, multiple-space lots, or single-space graves. The Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home helps you navigate local cemeteries to find the perfect setting. We can help guide you toward a choice that aligns with your family’s preferences, needs, and budget.

Honoring Loved Ones with Various Cremation Options

Cremation provides a versatile array of options to commemorate your loved one’s life. From elegant urns to garden memorials and mausoleum niches, we offer a range of possibilities to suit your family’s wishes. Cremation allows for unique and personalized tributes. Our experienced professionals are here to help you create a lasting memorial that reflects your loved one’s spirit.

A Lasting Tribute: Cherishing Memories at The Edward J. Chomko

Creating a lasting tribute ensures your loved one’s memory lives on for generations. Beyond the funeral, this memorial becomes a place of solace and reflection, offering comfort in times of need. It is a space where family and friends can gather to commemorate milestones and celebrate special occasions. As the years pass, this lasting tribute becomes a link to the past, connecting future generations to their heritage.

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